About Us

Trojan Trolleys & Castors, the small castors and ladders business which was started by Mr. Hoosen over 30 years ago, has grown substantially over the years, and evolved into one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of ladders, castors, pallet-jacks, trolleys and diverse components for the building, mining and retail industries.

We are also deeply committed to advancing technology which can address changing needs! Therefore, in order to bring added value to the customer, the company continues to diversify its product range, constantly adding new products and services according to new requirements. Based in Johannesburg, we supply not only customers from within South Africa, but from neighboring countries, such as Zimbabwe, Maputo, Botswana, and Malawi, as well.

We are also pleased to reveal that we are a completely non-white owned and run business, with equal opportunity afforded to all of our employees. Trojan people, working together, are committed to constantly improving service,  quality and overall value to our customers.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in Trojan Trolleys & Castors, and we invite you to learn more about our company by exploring our website.


BBBEE, also known as Broad-Based Economic Empowerment. Put into place as a means of helping and equalizing black people that were at a disadvantage during the apartheid era. In order to be verified as a BBBEE contributor, all businesses are required to comply with certain standards and regulations which have been put in place.  At Trojan, we are no different and we aim to maintain our level of contribution. 

At Trojan, we are verified as a Level 3 contributor to BBBEE. We are 100% black owned. This would mean that all your purchases from Trojan will go towards your BBBEE scoring card. In turn, it will benefit you to increase your own procurement and BBBEE level.

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