Mobile Scissor Lift Table (MSLT-3/60)


  • Ideal for Warehouses/Airports/Hospitals
  • Perfect for undertaking maintenance work
  • High intensity scissor type structure for high stability.
  • Wide platform & high loading for multi worker operation.
  • Emergency descending device.

Product Description

Model: Capacity: Min/Max Height: Platform Size: Motor/Voltage: Weight:
MSLT-3/60 300Kg 1200/6000mm 1780×840 1.5/380v/50hz 1000Kg
MSLT-5/60 500Kg 1300/6000mm 1780×840 1.5/380v/50hz 1100Kg
MSLT-10/60 1000Kg 1400/6000mm 1780×1000 2.2/380v/50hz 1400Kg
MSLT-3/90 300Kg 1400/9000mm 2000×1000 2.2/380v/50hz 1400Kg
MSLT-5/90 500Kg 1400/9000mm 2000×1000 2.2/380v/50hz 1500Kg
MSLT-10/90 1000Kg 1500/9000mm 2000×1200 3.7/380v/50hz 1850Kg
MSLT-3/110 300Kg 1600/11000mm 2150×1200 2.2/380v/50hz 2000Kg
MSLT-5/110 500Kg 1600/11000mm 2150×1200 2.2/380v/50hz 2100Kg
MSLT-3/120 300Kg 1600/12000mm 2350×1350 3.7/380v/50hz 2200Kg
MSLT-5/120 500Kg 1600/12000mm 2350×1350 3.7/380v/50hz 2300Kg
MSLT-3/140 300Kg 2000/14000mm 2600×1500 3.7/380v/50hz 2800Kg
MSLT-5/140 500Kg 2000/14000mm 2600×1500 3.7/380v/50hz 3100Kg
MSLT-3/160 300Kg 2100/16000mm 2800×1500 3.7/380v/50hz 3200Kg

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