Metal vs Plastic Supermarket Trolleys: Which Is Better For My Operation?

Supermarket trolleys are essential if you want to provide your customers with a convenient shopping experience. 

When looking to purchase supermarket trolleys, the two main options available to you are metal trolleys and plastic trolleys. In an effort to maintain uniformity, it is best that you opt for just one of these materials. So, which one is the best for your operation?

The Case For Metal Supermarket Trolleys

Metal supermarket trolleys are typically made from steel. While you might think that they would be quite heavy, they are often lighter than plastic options! Lighter trolleys are usually easier for customers to use.

Steel wire trolleys are often more affordable, both in upfront costs and maintenance costs. Unfortunately, your trolleys are bound to experience some damage over the years, but steel trolleys are much simpler to repair.

The Case For Plastic Supermarket Trolleys

Plastic trolleys have their own advantages, the biggest of which is that they are easier to customise. Plastic comes in all sorts of different colours, which makes branding your trolleys and making them recognisable to your customers a whole lot easier.

Furthermore, plastic trolleys are a lot more durable than you may think. It would take a significant amount of force for your plastic trolley to chip or break. However, if they do end up experiencing some damage, fixing them is not that easy.

Remember To Prioritise Quality

While the information that we have provided in this article is accurate in general terms, remember that there is a spectrum when it comes to the quality of both metal and plastic trolleys. There are many flimsy plastic trolleys and badly made metal trolleys out there, so quality and durability should always be prioritised no matter which option you go for.

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