Scaffolding Safety 101: What You Need to Know

When working at great heights, especially in the construction industry, there are many risks that you need to take into consideration. Fortunately, with the right techniques and safety standards, these risks can be minimised and, in some cases, eliminated.

As suppliers of scaffolding in South Africa, Trojan Trolleys shines a light on some of the most important things that you need to know when it comes to scaffolding safety.

Choose The Right Scaffolding Suppliers

Whether you are renting or buying your scaffolding, it is essential that you choose reliable and trusted scaffolding suppliers to ensure that the scaffolding you’ll be using is of decent quality. Going through trusted suppliers also just makes the entire process so much more enjoyable.

Ensure The Scaffolding Is Erected Properly

Even if you are working under a tight deadline, you should never rush to have your scaffolding erected. This is a very important part of the process, as many scaffolding-related accidents have been caused by improperly erected scaffolding. You’re also going to want to double-check the setup before every shift.

Do Not Work In Extreme Weather Conditions

In the case of extreme weather conditions such as high winds, poor visibility, rain and snow, it is always a good idea to take a literal rain check. Workplace safety should always be your number one priority, and adverse weather conditions could put your employees at risk.

Get Into Good Safety Habits

Do not forget any of the procedures that you learnt during your training. It is essential that you do not become lazy when it comes to safety protocols as these ‘little’ things, such as never leaving anything on the scaffolding and always wearing PPE, could save a life!

Are you looking for scaffolding in South Africa? Here at Trojan Trolleys, we are your scaffolding wholesalers of choice. We understand that you have a range of different scaffolding importers and exporters to choose from, but we can assure you that working with our team will be a positive experience. Have any questions about our scaffolding in South Africa? We welcome you to get in touch with us.

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