Ladders play an integral role in most operational and tactical situations. Trojan Trolleys is a reputable manufacturer and suppliers of ladders.

Characteristics of premium ladders from Trojan Trolleys with product descriptions in terms of specified models such as height in terms of closed or open ladder as well as the maximum load it can bear.

Aluminum Double Extension ladder (DPU Series) is a push up double extension ladder. The core characteristic of this ladder is the slip resistance for hazardous floors. This ladder is ideal for industrial utilisation and high rise buildings.

The Double side A-Frame Ladder (DSL Series) incorporates the advantages of heavy duty industrial use and step slip resistance. The platform is manufactured out of aluminium.

The single side Fibreglass A-Frame ladder (FSL Series) is a non conductive ladder that is adaptable to almost any working environment or residential building.

An extension ladder from Trojan Trolleys is ideal for heavy duty industrial use, more especially for a rope and pulley. One of the main characteristics of a heavy duty ladder is the ability to constrain large weights to unreachable heights.

Trojan Trolleys is continuously trying to improve the operating experience of a ladder. In doing so, innovative materials are used to manufacture trolleys such as the mobile safety ladder. This ensures a sense of precautionary measures for individuals who climb the ladder, whilst endeavouring to work on a slippery surface.

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