Tips For Ensuring That Heavy Duty Ladders Are Safe To Use

Any job that involves working on heights is very risky. A number of accidents occur while workers are on a ladder; some of these accidents have led to death or serious injuries. According to the General Safety Regulation 6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), no worker may work above ground level unless they use a ladder. Work from an elevated position is dangerous enough; imagine standing on a faulty ladder.

To avoid injuries and the financial burden of workplace accidents, you need to invest in quality heavy duty ladders that are reliable; additionally, you need to make sure that you maintain them so that they can always be ready for use.


Tips for making sure a ladder is safe to use


1.     Inspect the ladder:
Before a ladder can be used, you need to ensure that it does not have any oil or grease on it; this will prevent someone from slipping off the ladder. People have also incurred injuries from ladders that are used near to energised circuits; to prevent this, you must ensure that the ladder has non-conductive side rails. You need to also inspect the ladder’s weight capacity.

2.     Fix any broken steps:
You need to ensure that every step of the ladder is sturdy so that no one will fall off. If there are any broken steps, get them fixed as soon as possible. If the steps are beyond repair, you need to replace the ladder.

3.     Do not carry heavy tools:
Your employers should not carry heavy tools when stepping on a ladder; these may weigh them down, causing them to fall off and injure themselves. It is safer to carry lighter materials when using a ladder. Additionally, workers should use a tool belt as carrying items while climbing a ladder will make them lose their balance.

4.     Make sure the ladder is stable:
You need to ensure that the ladder will be able to stand regardless of how higher the worker climbs; the ladder must not be unsteady. The ladder must also be able to withstand high winds.

5.     Employees must be trained:
Every employer that needs to use a ladder for their job must be properly trained; they must know what they should and should not do when climbing up and down a ladder. For example, workers should not over-reach when they are on the ladder; they should either climb higher or use a suitable ladder.


There are many jobs that require the use of heavy duty ladders. The law permits the use of ladders for work purposes, provided that they are used safely and are in good condition. Follow the tips above to ensure that your employees don’t get injured.

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