Trolley Castors

The trolley castor is one of the most important considerations and components in a trolley. Trojan Trolleys is a reputable provider of quality scaffolding castors.

Every product description of scaffolding castors from Trojan Trolleys include definitive sizes, wheel sizes, total height, stem sizes as well as load cap specifications.

Trojan Trolleys is at the forefront of providing versatile industrial trolley and customised castors. Examples of these include the following scaffold castors:

  • Nylon Scaffold Castor- No stem

  • Nylon Scaffold Castor- Stem fitting

  • Polyurethane Scaffold Castor- No Stem

  • Polyurethane Scaffold Castor-Plate Fitting

In terms of the technicality of an effective trolley castor, industrial experts and artisans from Trojan Trolleys extend beneficial standing points of a trolley castor in a heavy duty industrial environment.

Operational effectiveness in a factory requires loads to be delivered at different work stations. A polyurethane scaffold castor has the ability to move on uneven floors and terrains.

The load bearing capacity of the trolley is largely dependent on the trolley castor. Each factory, industry or situation requires a different weight distribution. Trojan Trolleys is aware of the different contexts that are why we create quality castors that can withstand heavy weights over long period of time.

Equipment in a factory or heavy duty industrial context is required to last for long periods of time. The galvanised materials have the ability to resist corrosion and damage. Trolleys are continually exposed to hazardous materials and different load bearing specifications.

It is important to note that Trojan Trolleys is passionate about providing great service to all clients through quality trolley castors and other heavy duty industrial products.

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