Ladders play an integral role in most operational and tactical situations. Trojan Trolleys is a reputable manufacturer and suppliers of ladders.

Characteristics of premium ladders from Trojan Trolleys with product descriptions in terms of specified models such as height in terms of closed or open ladder as well as the maximum load it can bear.

Aluminum Double Extension ladder (DPU Series) is a push up double extension ladder. The core characteristic of this ladder is the slip resistance for hazardous floors. This ladder is ideal for industrial utilisation and high rise buildings.

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Tips For Ensuring That Heavy Duty Ladders Are Safe To Use

Any job that involves working on heights is very risky. A number of accidents occur while workers are on a ladder; some of these accidents have led to death or serious injuries. According to the General Safety Regulation 6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993), no worker may work above ground level unless they use a ladder. Work from an elevated position is dangerous enough; imagine standing on a faulty ladder.

To avoid injuries and the financial burden of workplace accidents, you need to invest in quality heavy duty ladders that are reliable; additionally, you need to make sure that you maintain them so that they can always be ready for use.

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Trolley Castors

The trolley castor is one of the most important considerations and components in a trolley. Trojan Trolleys is a reputable provider of quality scaffolding castors.

Every product description of scaffolding castors from Trojan Trolleys include definitive sizes, wheel sizes, total height, stem sizes as well as load cap specifications.

Trojan Trolleys is at the forefront of providing versatile industrial trolley and customised castors. Examples of these include the following scaffold castors:

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